Maine Sunday Telegram, “Anna Lombard impressive in debut CD,” August 15, 2013

Maine Sunday Telegram

Anna Lombard impressive in debut CD

By Aimsel Ponti,

August 15, 2013

You’ll have to just trust me that I truly sat at my desk and listened to all eight songs on the CD, as my only distraction was looking at my two seagull pals out the window. Full disclosure: I had already heard rough mixes of some of these tunes. But to hear the final cut was a divine experience.

Lombard’s voice has never sounded better, and she’s backed by a slew of talent, including guitarist Adam Agati, who wrote the songs on “Head Full.” I haven’t been so excited for a CD-release show in quite some time, and I challenge us music fans out there to pack Port City Music Hall on Friday.
Anna Lombard

The opening song, “Leave Town,” has a haunting, cinematic air to it, both musically and lyrically. The other song I need to declare my love for is the closing one, “All For You.” Lombard’s voice is at its finest, as are Agati’s words and guitar.

The song starts off slowly and quietly, then packs a huge emotional punch as Lombard really lets loose at the 3½-minute mark. The phrase “your heart’s a machine, don’t leave me now,” is repeated, and each time you can hear the pleading in Lombard’s voice.

Add to this the cello from Darcy Doniger and violin and viola from Carolyn Mix, and you’ve got one of my favorite songs of 2013 by anyone, hands down.

I’ll leave the discovery of the six songs in between up to you, but be assured, you won’t be disappointed. Look for a full review of “Head Full of Bells” in these pages in the coming weeks.

Anna Lombard with Lyle Divinsky. 9 p.m. Friday. Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., Portland. $10; $20 VIP; all ages.


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